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Virtual Development Day

Learn to lead with purpose with our video-recorded full-day learning experience, tailored to help you navigate the complexities of the new business landscape.

Learn to lead with purpose

We designed a full day of sessions to offer timely and relevant content and resources to support professionals at all career levels during a time of significant change and uncertainty. Each hour-long practical workshop is focused on unlocking your full potential by providing new skills, insights and opportunities for growth across key areas of professional development.

Session Topic Facilitator
Painstorming in Uncertainty

Gain insights and tools to effectively work alongside uncertainty

Shannon Cooper
Maintaining the Momentum Understand what principles and practices achieve momentum and how to make it sustainable for our organisation, teams and ourselves. Matt Byrne
The Virtual Team Tipsheet Learn new approaches to working efficiently and effectively deal with others in a virtual workplace. Rob Brennan
Coaching your Team Through Crisis Learning coaching techniques and methods to assist team members to thrive by offering support, empathy and guidance. Kerry Irwin
Building your Team’s Resilience Explore strategies to develop resilience – the defining factor for many great leaders and teams – and better yourself and your team. Jacqui Perkins
Emotional Intelligence for Remote Work Success Get equipped to adapt remotely to be more agile, flexible and emotionally intelligent in the face of change. Kerry Anne Cassidy


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