Revelian Emotional Intelligence Assessment (MSCEIT)

What is the Emotional Intelligence Assessment?

The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test, or MSCEIT for short, is an ability-based measure of emotional intelligence that assesses a person’s capacity to effectively reason about emotions, and to use emotions to enhance thought and to solve problems. Being an ability-based measure (as opposed to self-report measure), it represents individuals with a series of tasks that require an individual to identify, process, understand and effectively use emotional information to achieve particular outcomes.


Why use the MSCEIT when selecting staff?

Individuals with high scores on the MSCEIT are generally better able to perceive, identify and manage emotions in themselves and others, making them more effective at achieving goals where emotional based information is important. This includes activities that involve working as part of a team, dealing with others on a one-on-one basis and displaying leadership behaviours.

How does the MSCEIT work?

The MSCEIT conceptualises and measures emotional intelligence, also commonly referred to as EI, as comprising of a set of four key competencies. These competencies include an individual’s ability to:

  • Recognise their own and others’ emotions
  • Generate and use emotions in problem solving
  • Understand emotions and how emotions may change
  • Manage their own and others’ emotions

The MSCEIT measures these abilities in both a direct and indirect manner. Consequently, in some instances items may appear unrelated to the job or role requirements and the questions may seem strange and unusual. One considerable advantage of hits, however, is that the MSCIET is highly resistant to “faking” and is rarely affected by response biases such as attempting to present oneself in an overly positive way.

The MSCEIT yields a range of scores of a person’s emotional intelligence related abilities and competencies. Scores are provided for the individual’s overall Emotional Intelligence, two area scores, four branch scores and eight task scores.


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