LMAP and MMAP 360

What is the LMAP and MMAP 360?

Instead of trying to fit participants into a single size box, LMAP uses a unique narrative report written for the lay user that reads like a highly personalised letter.

The LMAP 360 and MMAP 360 assessment tools link personality traits with the personal and interpersonal behaviours that drive outstanding or poor leadership.

The LMAP 360 and MMAP 360 are valid and empirically grounded assessment tools that highlight the systematic relationships between how a leader is perceived by other people and his/her leadership effectiveness.

Why use LMAP 360 and MMAP 360?

It’s not WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it:  LMAP works with your behaviour and personality to help you become more competent and engaging as a leader.

Understand the EXPERIENCE of working WITH you:  Your plain English Report explains exactly how it feels to have you as a boss, colleague or employee.

Engage OTHERS in your leadership development:  Involve your manager, team and colleagues to support you on your leadership development journey.


  • Targeted to Senior Leaders and Executives
  • Comprehensive plain English narrative report with detailed individual item analysis
  • In-depth Debrief session with an Accredited Coach
  • 2 Pulse Checks at 4 and 8 months post-Debrief included
  • Targeted to Junior and Middle Managers
  • Concise plain English narrative report
  • Group Debrief Session with Accredited Facilitator
  • Pulse checks possible at additional cost

Take a look at our LMAP and MMAP 360 brochure for more information.

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