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The National Salary Survey – A Must-Have For Decision Makers.

For over fifty years, our National Salary Survey (NSS) has provided hundreds of businesses and managers with unbiased, up-to-date Australian remuneration information so they can attract and retain the right talent.

As part of the survey process, data representing more than 25,000 employees is collected from hundreds of organisations across Australia to profile a wide range of business sectors and positions, so you have a competitive edge in the battle for quality employees.

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Salary guides help develop packages and policies

Confidently offer salary packages that are both cost-effective and competitive and develop engaging HR policies and practices.

Get it right every time with our comprehensive salary survey data

Avoid over or underpaying staff while confidently setting salary increases with robust pay movement and forecast data.

Utilising salary survey data helps improve employee happiness

Improve staff performance and boost staff engagement within your organisation and keep staff from going to your competitors.

Save thousands by making use of salary survey data

Retain quality staff longer while avoiding the cost of high staff turnover (on average, it takes $23,410 to find, hire and train a new staff member).

Comprehensive and reliable salary guides

Strike the right remuneration balance across your organisation.

What sets our salary survey apart?

For many years, the NSS has led the way in delivering salary survey data and offering great value.

250+ position titles to benchmark

Utilise 250+ position titles covering a wide range of roles and functions.  Download our sample to see a full list of positions.

Highly detailed reports

Make decisions from a position of knowledge with detailed position descriptions, easy to read summary tables, salary figures split by size, location and sector. Access more than just a vague salary range and get an accurate picture with lower quartile, median, upper quartile and average figures.

Pinpoint relevant data.

It is easy to use our online data analysis tool to isolate data that’s relevant to your organisation.  Drill down and combine search criteria to find salary data in the company size, location and industry that you want.

Keep your staff engaged.

Find out what others are doing to keep their key staff by using relevant HR Trends and Forecasts data. Engage your staff with creative policies and benefits that they will want to use.

Easy access.

Access the NSS data online from anywhere and keep the hard copy as an easy to reach reference on your desk.

Additional insights.

Receive additional reports throughout the year as part of your National Salary Survey package:

  • Staff Retention Report: benchmark your staff turnover rates against state, industry and organisation size averages and discover strategies that you can implement to keep talented staff.
  • Gender Pay Report:  ensure pay equity in your organisation, give potential candidates another reason to choose you over your competitors and help fight the gender bias.


Competitive Pricing

The National Salary Survey is competitively priced so that a wide range of organisations can access this great industry resource.

Contribute to the NSS and be rewarded for playing your part.

The Institute relies on HR, remuneration professionals and key decision makers from a variety of industries to provide data to the National Salary Survey. By participating in the survey, you’ll ensure that your organisation and industry is represented, leading to valuable industry insights. You’ll also be able to purchase the survey at a significantly reduced rate whether you’re an IML member or not (you can save up to $2,000).

The contribution period for the 2019 NSS May release has now closed. Thank you to all who have contributed!

We will also be releasing an updated version of the NSS online in October. Contributors to this version will also receive a discounted rate on the updated survey. If you’d like to contribute to our October survey, please purchase the survey as a contributor and then fill-in your response.


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