Mentoring. Share your skills or learn from others.

Gain access to Member Exchange, the Institute’s four-month mentoring program, free of charge! Exclusively for Professional Members* in Australia and New Zealand, Member Exchange provides an ideal opportunity to share your skills as a Mentor or learn from others as a Mentee.

The Institute offers a complimentary national mentoring program as part of the benefits available to our Professional Members.

a mutually rewarding relationship.

Mentoring has proved to be valuable for Mentor and Mentee alike. For Mentors, it can be extremely rewarding to share knowledge and wisdom accumulated over the years – not to mention fascinating to see things through a Mentee’s eyes. Meanwhile, Mentee relish the chance to ask questions, seek advice and benefit from the support of someone who has already forged a similar career pathway.

how it is done and what to expect.

Member Exchange is a complimentary four-month program for Professional Members. Matching between a Mentor and Mentee is based on industry and role experience plus Mentee objectives for the program. Mentors and Mentees will have access to a program booklet providing information on how to get the most out of the mentoring program, introductory webinar about the benefits of mentoring and monthly mentoring articles.

Applications for the October cohort are now closed. Please apply for the February 2020 cohort below.

*Does not include Affiliate Members.

Become a Mentee

Are you keen to learn from an experienced mentor who supports you in your career journey and professional development? If so, register to become a Mentee.

Become a mentor

Are you an experienced professional whose passion is inspiring a younger generation of leaders by sharing your skills and knowledge? If so, you could make an ideal Mentor.

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