Outstanding local leaders named winners in South East QLD Australian Leadership Excellence Awards



Celebrated local leaders have been named winners in the South East Queensland regional Australian Leadership Excellence Awards (ALEAs) in a ceremony in Brisbane on Wednesday night held at the Institute of Managers and Leaders. Amongst those with their achievements celebrated were Peter Treseder AM FIML, CEO at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation, and Craig Somerville AFIML, Managing Director at Reload Business Group.


The prestigious national awards series presented by the Institute of Managers and Leaders, has been celebrating outstanding leadership for 28 years, with ALEAs winners being championed by leadership professionals Australia-wide.


This year, 28 local leaders were shortlisted as finalists across several categories including Leader/Manager, Owner/Entrepreneur, Not for Profit, Community Leader, Emerging Leader and Student Leader, reflecting the diverse professional backgrounds of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich leadership, from the public sector, to small business, to charity organisations. The six winners of the South East Queensland ALEAs announced in Friday’s ceremony include:


  • Craig Murison AFIML, Dean of Education, Humanities and Business at Christian Heritage College | Leader/Manager category
  • Richard Triggs FIML, Managing Partner at Arete Executive | Owner/Entrepreneur category
  • Peter Treseder AM FIML, CEO at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation | Not For Profit category
  • Ian Coombe FIML, President at Kidsafe Queensland | Community Leader category
  • Craig Somerville AFIML, Managing Director at Reload Business Group | Emerging Leader category
  • Tamara Richardson, Director and Founder at PACE 48 | Student Leader category


“The consistently high calibre of finalists and winners in Queensland shows that great leadership isn’t only found in places like Silicon Valley or New York or London,” said David Pich, Chief Executive of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.


“Great leadership is as prevalent in Queensland through community leaders and local business owners, as in large multi-national corporations. Queensland’s outstanding leaders are an inspiration to everyday Australians and we are honoured to be celebrating their accomplishments”.


Peter Treseder, winner of the Not For Profit award as the CEO at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Foundation, said, “The award is really a testament to the team because my journey is as a servant of leadership. While I set the strategy and set the direction with the board, I then become a servant of the team. I entrust the team and empower the team, I give them the accolades and I take the brunt if something goes wrong.”


“The world needs really good leaders at the moment because it’s in a bit of a mess and leadership filters down from a world level down to every single level of our society and we need good strong leaders to take the tough decisions and to stick themselves out there.”


Craig Somerville, recipient of the Emerging Leader award for his leadership excellence as the Managing Director at Reload Business Group, said, “This award for me is very much a reflection of all the hard work and effort that goes in from a wider team. I see my role is to give people the pathways to unleash what it is that makes them great people in the first place. I know I’m doing my job when we’ve got people who are progressing or finding the next step, who are taking opportunities to move around the world, to progress professionally, to become industry leaders themselves. For me that’s the kick that makes me incredible satisfied and pleased with what we’re doing.


The winners were judged and awarded from a shortlisted group of 28 exceptional local leaders including:


  • Gaylene Fraser FIML, Manager at Ergon Energy | Leader/Manager category
  • Geoffrey Stone FIML, CEO Synergy International Management Advisory | Leader/Manager category
  • Mark Mugnaioni FIML, Chief Strategy Officer at RACQ | Leader/Manager category
  • Bronwyn Harch, Executive Director at Queensland University of Technology Institute for Future Environments | Leader/Manager category
  • Katrina Waugh, Founder and Owner at Lingua Franca | Owner/Entrepreneur category
  • Michelle Loch FIML, Director of Michelle Loch – Leading Humans | Owner/Entrepreneur category
  • Gavriel Schneider FIML, CEO of Risk 2 Solution Group | Owner/Entrepreneur category
  • Annette Densham, Founder and Owner at Publicity Genie | Owner/Entrepreneur category
  • Nigel Harris FIML, CEO of Mater Foundation | Not For Profit category
  • Valerie King AFIML, Director of Risk, Governance and Compliance at Anglican Church South Queensland | Not For Profit category
  • Penelope Twemlow FIML, CEO at Energy Skills Queensland and Co-founder and Chairwoman at Women in Power | Not For Profit category
  • Brad Hollis, Speciality Products Manager at Fulton Hogan | Community Leader category
  • Raelene James, President, P&C Association at Bulimba State School | Community Leader category
  • Malcolm Walker FIML, Founder and CEP at AIEA | Community Leader category
  • Bianca Goebel MIML, Co-Chair at Young Alumni Advisory Board of the University of Queensland | Emerging Leader category
  • Ryan McKergow MIML, Group Manager Queensland at Elabor8 | Emerging Leader category
  • Alexander Adamski-O’Toole IMLa, SEM Team Leader at SponsoredLinx | Emerging Leader category
  • Nicholas Johnson, Founder and Executive Director at Pro Bono Econos | Emerging Leader category
  • Christopher Thom IMLa, Liason Officer at Ribit Project CSIRO | Student Leader category
  • Linden Peacock, National Director of People and Culture at One Women Project | Student Leader category
  • Jeremy Lwin, President at the University of Queensland Engineering Undergraduate Society | Student Leader category
  • Dana Ashley Carmichael IMLa, New Colombo Plan Scholar at Queensland University of Technology | Student Leader category


Winners of each category will become finalists in the Queensland State ALEAs held in September at the at Brisbane City Hall.


For more information about the Australian Leadership Excellence Awards, please visit https://managersandleaders.co.nz/leadership-excellence-awards/


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Contacts of finalists and David Pich are available for interviews upon request.



Notes to the Editor:

The Australian Leadership Excellence Awards, formerly known as the AIM Leadership Excellence Awards, was renamed following the rebrand of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) to the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML) in July 2017.



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