Leading Edge – July Edition: Introduction

Ann Messenger, Chair of the Board

Welcome to Leading Edge – July edition!

There was no Board Meeting in June, this gap in the Board schedule allowed me to accompany our Chief Executive, David Pich on his tour of Australia for the series of All Member Meetings relating to the launch of the Institute of Managers and Leaders. I have to say that I have never felt so energised and positive about the future of the Institute. This was entirely down to the passion and enthusiasm that I witnessed from our Members.

What I witnessed right across the country – and across our Membership – is a rock solid commitment to the Institute and a deeply held passion for management and leadership excellence. It is this commitment and passion that has driven this change and it is the Members of the Institute – our managers and leaders – who will carry us forward as we turn the page and begin the next exciting chapter of our 76-year journey.

The questions from the floor at each and every All Member Meeting were all insightful, helpful and absolutely relevant. In fact, it was as a result of these questions that Dave and his team decided to make some changes to the roll out of the new brand. The best example is the decision to continue the existing AIM post-nominals for the next two years. This decision is absolutely right and it came directly from the Institute’s Members.

Members have – and always will be – the essence of our organisation and we value your feedback. We recently sent an email communication giving you the option to continue to use the AIM post-nominals. If you choose to keep the AIM post-nominals, you will need to email the Membership team at membership@managersandleaders.com.au by Friday 14th July 2017.

The AIM post-nominals will be available to use for two years until the 31st August 2019; after this date, all Members will be transferred to the new IML post-nominals.

Of course, myself and the Board will all be transferring. And if you do not ‘opt in’ to the AIM post-nominal, you will automatically be transferred to the new IML post-nominal. Our system will register your preferred option only but you are free to use both if you wish.

Below are the post-nominal equivalencies between AIM and IML:

 FAIM (Fellow) FIML (Fellow)
 AFAIM (Associate Fellow) AFIML (Associate Fellow)
 AIMM (Member) MIML (Member)
 AIMa (Affiliate) IMLa (Affiliate)

New Members who join the Institute will automatically adopt the new IML post-nominals.

July has been a big month for us here at the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML). We were thrilled to publicly launch the new Institute earlier this week. This transformation has been both a challenge and a great opportunity for the organisation to evaluate, define and establish our future direction as the peak body for managers and leaders. The rebrand also enables IML to ensure our identity and offering continue to be relevant and add value to you – our Members – in a modern and ever changing workplace.

Being a Membership organisation, our Members remain at the heart of everything we do. As part of our commitment to support and develop better managers and leaders, we’re now proud to be the only assessing body for the internationally recognised Chartered Manager designation (CMgr). This new direction sets and upholds the national standard for management and leadership competence. To find out more about the highly regarded Chartered Manager designation, visit our new website.

As part of the IML rebrand effort, we have put together a series of ‘Change’ podcasts, which feature IML’s Chief Executive, David Pich and other prominent leaders. The first of the series is now available on the website in which David interviews Cherie Curtis, CEO of Revelian and Fellow of IML on her own experience of rebranding Onetest to Revelian, as well as brand significance, equity and debt in relation to rebranding.

To reflect the change of name, the Institute will now have new contact details; a full list of the key contacts can be found at managersandleaders.com.au/team/. Please feel free to contact any member of the team should you have any questions.

To conclude, as we near the end of the renewal period, we thank every Member who has been and continued to be a part of IML’s long and illustrious journey. For those who have not renewed yet, I hope you will remain a Member of our management and leadership community because as a collective we represent the standard in management and leadership excellence, which profoundly reflects the high calibre of our Members. Renewing is easy, simply login to the Member Portal, for any queries please contact the Membership team on 1300 661 061 or email us on membership@managersandleaders.com.au.