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Develop practical skills to lead effective teams

Moving up the career ladder into a managerial role should be an exciting time in your life. However, sometimes this transition may be met with fear and sense of overwhelming responsibility. Without any formal management support, ‘accidental managers’ are often left to sink or swim.

IML ANZ’s Foundations Program supports your transformation from technical specialist to impactful management professional and intentional leader. Whether you are a seasoned supervisor, a newly promoted manager or a mid-career leader, the Foundations of Leadership program is designed to develop techniques to lead a productive, motivated and engaged team.

Course Overview

Duration12-week development program
Delivery ModeBlended methodology with face to face days, coaching, mentoring and online learning.
PriceMember: $3,495
Non-member: $5,999
Subject AreaLeadership & Management
Experience LevelSupervisors and Managers


  • 12-week program combining 3 management diagnostic reports, one day-a-fortnight classroom learning, 1-2 hours of online study a week followed by 4 months of one-to-one mentoring and leadership coaching
  • 16 students only per cohort allowing for interactive, hands-on learning
  • Our programs are facilitated by highly-credentialed management experts who will guide learners with their experience, knowledge and passion for leadership
  • You’ll earn a certificate of participation and Post Nominals once you have completed the program
  • This program gives you access to IML’s professional community of managers and leaders
  • You’ll master team building, communication, personal leadership styles, change management and resilience, allowing you to develop your core leadership skills and meaningfully connect your team

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand your role as a manager and leader
  • Hone your analytical, decision-making, communication and problem-solving skills to advance your career
  • Improve self-awareness and understand how these elements impact your leadership style
  • Develop techniques to lead a productive, motivated and engaged team
  • Utilise business tools to inform strategic analysis and decision making
  • Recognise how your role fits into the bigger picture of the team and organisation

Locations and sessions


Melbourne: 5th February
Sydney: 12th February
Brisbane: 12th February
Enrol by 30th January


June (Condensed version)

Cairns: 25th June
Canberra: 25th June
Darwin: 25th June
Newcastle: 25th June
Auckland: 25th June
Enrol by 8th June


Adelaide: 14th May
Brisbane: 13th May
Melbourne: 13th May
Sydney: 13th May
Enrol by 3rd April


Melbourne: 22nd July
Sydney: 22nd July
Brisbane: 22nd July
Enrol by 1st July


Who should attend?

Whether you are a seasoned supervisor, a newly promoted manager or a mid-career leader, the Foundations of Leadership program is designed to develop techniques to lead a productive, motivated and engaged team.

“I had been a technical specialist for over 7 years, and recognised that I would benefit from formal development to transition into my new role as manager.”

Oona Phillips – Senior Heritage Registrar, Aboriginal VictoriaDepartment of Premier & Cabinet

Program Structure

To understand what kind of leader and manager you are, and want to be, you must start with self-awareness. The Foundations program begins with 3 different tools designed to help you understand how you work and what kind of personality you are.

DiSC Behavioural Profiling

Through self assessment, DiSC informs communication style, decision making tendencies and preferred working environments.

Genos Emotional Intelligence

Genos measures how well you demonstrate emotionally intelligent leadership competencies in your role.

IML 360

Gain insightful feedback on attributes that are critical to management and leadership best practice, based on IML ANZ’s Manage and Lead Competency Framework.

1. The Intentional Leader

The first module introduces you to becoming an intentional leader. This module develops new capabilities required to execute new responsibilities, including operating to new managerial time frames, managing changes in working relationships, making a behavioural and value-based transition to a leadership role, and enabling others to grow and perform.

To map the development journey to your experience, your leadership, behavioural and EQ competencies will be measured through IML 360, DiSC and Genos analytics tools.

2. Manage Self

This module builds your skills on managing your new role as a leadership professional, including time management, decision-making, problem solving, and project management. The unit shapes a foundation for a continuous cycle of professional development, the cornerstone of progression and growth in your leadership journey.

3. Communications

This module is focused on equipping you with workplace communication skills to effectively correspond with people at all levels of the organisation – your staff, manager, executive leadership team and board.

4. Manage Team

This module is centred around developing your skills to enable the team to succeed and perform as a unit. Skills such as building teams, nurturing different personalities, motivating and engaging groups, and coaching for team success will be covered.

5. Manage People

The most difficult shift from specialist to leader is the new task of managing your peers. Module 4 provides practical knowledge on navigating teams, how to manage performance, managing conflicts and communicating to the individual’s needs.

6. The Bigger Plan

The final module focuses on the long-term goal of your leadership journey, equipping you with skills to manage and lead a business. This unit introduces the “how” to developing organisation’s strategy, managing the business’ vision, identifying risks and managing finances and operational plans.

Four Months Mentoring

IML ANZ’s exclusive mentoring program provides an ideal opportunity for ongoing development after the completion of the program. A mentor is matched based on experience and individual learning goals, and works with you for the next 4 months.

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Foundations bespoke in-house programs

IML’s Foundations of Intentional Leadership program can be tailored to your company needs and run in-house (12 people minimum).

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Elite Facilitators

Jacqui Perkins


Jacqui is a coach whose strength is her ability to achieve results by empowering learners to take risks, be bold and to always be curious.

Rob Brennan


Rob is an executive coach and skilful storyteller who uses his diverse career experiences to add interest to his facilitation of workshops.

Kerry Irwin


A highly credentialed HR professional and HR executive generalist, Kerry brings a depth of corporate experience to the program.

Shannon Cooper


Shannon is a leadership facilitator known for getting bold results. For over a decade, organisations seeking big impacts have turned to him for insight.

Alan Burton


Alan has extensive experience in all aspects of generalist HR with a track record of building capability and engagement for leadership groups and their teams.