Three useful resources for managing change

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Three useful resources for managing change

Change is no simple matter. Sometimes it helps to consult a variety of sources to master the tips, thoughts and tactics that managers and leaders can apply when facilitating change. We list three useful resources available for free to IML ANZ Members.


IML ANZ webinarLearn: ‘Developing resilience – How to help yourself and your team’

This free, on-demand webinar is hosted by leadership development coach, Kerry Anne Cassidy. It takes you through the science behind resilience, the benefits for you and your team and how to deal with times of change.

Access a recording of the webinar here.



Managing change book coverRead: ‘Why do people oppose change’ from Managing Change – Instant Manager: Skills for Success by Bernice Walmsley.

This book chapter contains practical advice, useful tips, case studies and an action checklist. An excellent tool for managers who wish to understand the challenges their teams are facing and how to overcome these.

Access the chapter by clicking here or enter ‘73604’ on the search bar within Leadership Direct.




Leadership videoWatch: ‘Why adaptive leadership facilitates change’

In this three-minute video, organisational change expert, Lisa Vos, what is adaptive leadership and why it is a vital ingredient in facilitating change.

Access the video by clicking here or enter ‘50370’ on the search bar within Leadership Direct.



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