Kicking Goals On and Off the Field

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Kicking Goals On and Off the Field

By Lisa Calautti


Sport, community and professional life have always been intrinsically linked for Canberra-based Dixon Advisory associate director Genevieve Bond AFIML.

As the youngest of five children who all loved sport, some of Bond’s earliest memories were watching her siblings from the sidelines, inspiring her to have a go at most sports from a young age. As a teen she played touch footy at state level and as the famous adage goes – the rest is history. “I have just never stopped playing,” she says. “There is something about sport, it’s more than just the physical workout. It’s an opportunity to de-stress and provides a strong sense of community.”

Sport has played a significant role in Bond’s life, personally and professionally. “Most of my closest friends are those who I have met through sport, I even met my husband on the touch football field,” she says.

Professionally, experiences in sport have taught her several important life lessons – many of which have translated to the workplace. “Every person on the field has an important role to play,” she concludes. “And this absolutely relates to business, when everyone works together to achieve something, there’s a shared sense of knowing that your contribution matters.”

As if the demands of touch footy weren’t enough, Bond started playing Women’s AFL as part of Canberra club team, the Belconnen Magpies. For a long time, Bond balanced her career and love for sport; progressing professionally, playing in representative teams across both sports; and still managing to find time to volunteer across both codes. “It’s important to give back, it ensures longevity for these local clubs – who can then have a positive impact on the lives of others,” she says. Now a mum of three children, Bond has scaled back her sporting commitments, but continues to play social touch footy weekly.

It was Bond’s AFL connections that led her to becoming a member of the GIANT Hearts Canberra, a women’s business coterie linked to the GWS Giants. “It’s a group of senior women in business affiliated with the sport, and it allows us to share our love for the game and benefit from each other’s support and networks. It has formed the loveliest little community bringing women together from all disciplines; from public through to private,” Bond says.

The camaraderie between the women has been rewarding on both a personal and a professional level, helping Bond develop as a person and as a leader in her career.

“I think for me my sporting connections and experiences have been incredibly valuable from a professional perspective. I’m a strong believer that you as an individual are responsible for your development, so it’s important to do things in your own time that help you improve professionally and personally. That’s what I have always done through sport, through memberships such as IML ANZ and now through the GIANT Hearts.”

Genevieve will be speaking on the impact of financial wellness on individuals in the workplace. IML ANZ Members enjoy free entry to this event to be held in Canberra on Tuesday, 14th May. Book now to attend a Focusing on Financial Wellness session in Canberra, Sydney or Adelaide.

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